Frequently Asked Questions

I’m looking for a new veterinarian. How do I become a client?

Contact our office at 301-829-4977 (call or text) or [email protected].  If your horse is within our practice area and we can service the farm, we will ask you to fill out a new client agreement and put a credit card on file.  Please note that you are only considered a client once your new client agreement is completed and on file with the office.

What does it mean to be a current and active client?

Our practice considers you a current and active client if:

  • Your horse has been seen within the last 12 months and is current on their Rabies vaccination.
  • Primary care has been performed by our practice.
  • Your account is in good standing with all veterinarians in Damascus Equine Associates.
I am a current client and have an emergency. What do I do?

If it is during office hours (Monday-Friday 8:30-5:00), call or text the office directly at 301-829-4977.  If you don’t get a response within 15 minutes, call the emergency line at 240-782-8350.  If it is after hours or on the weekend, call the emergency line (240) 782-8350.  If you have an urgent problem and have not received a response from a veterinarian within 15 minutes, please try again.

I don’t currently have a veterinarian and I have an emergency. Can your practice help me?

Our practice provides 24/7 emergency coverage for our current clients.  If a veterinarian in our practice is available to see your emergency, there will be an extra fee for non-clients.  Emergency coverage for non-clients is not a guarantee.

Will my veterinarian be the person responding to my emergency?

We share daytime and after hours emergency coverage between all members of Damascus Equine Associates so you may see a veterinarian who is not your primary care veterinarian.  If your horse is seen by another veterinarian in Damascus Equine Associates, payment must be arranged with that veterinarian’s office.

I have a routine question for the office or a veterinarian. Who do I contact?

All client communication goes through the office unless otherwise arranged.  Call, text or email the office at 301-829-4977 or [email protected].  All texts, emails or voicemails during business hours will be answered as promptly as possible.  All messages left outside of business hours will be answered the next business day.  Please avoid contacting veterinarians directly unless given directions to do so.

I have an in-depth question for a veterinarian but don’t need a farm call. What are my options?

Telehealth appointments are available as a scheduled appointment through the office.  The cost depends on the time for preparation and discussion.  Any records or images will need to be provided prior to the appointment with enough time for review before the appointment.

What preventative care is required for your patients?

Our only requirement is an annual Rabies vaccination.  Our vaccine and deworming programs are recommended but not required.

My horse’s insurance renewal is due and requires a veterinarian evaluation. How do I schedule that?

We ask that you inform the office prior to your appointment to allow time and provide the paperwork required.  After the exam, the paperwork will be filled out by the office, submitted to the insurance company with a 12-month history and filed appropriately in your horse’s history.  It’s recommended to review your insurance terms regarding claims and alerting your insurance company of non-routine visits.

I need a medication for my horse. How do I get a refill?

There are a few ways to get medication fills:

  • Ask the office to send the medication with the veterinarian during your next appointment.
  • Have the office drop ship the medication to your home or farm address.
  • Order the medication through our online pharmacy: Welcome to MyVetStoreOnline
  • Request to pick up a medication at the clinic. 24 hours’ notice is required.
  • Request a written prescription from the office. Please include the horse, the medication name, quantity requested and current dosage.  A written prescription will be provided to you via email within 1 business day to submit directly to a pharmacy of your choice.
I got a new horse. What information do you need?

We ask that all written previous history and images be provided as soon as the horse is acquired.  Proof of a current Rabies vaccination is required. If one is not available, please schedule an appointment to update the vaccine as soon as possible.

How do I pay my bill?

Payment is due upon receipt of a statement.  We accept all major credit cards, checks, Venmo and PayPal.  Service charges apply for any balance over 30 days.  Payment plans are available upon request.  If your horse is seen by another veterinarian in Damascus Equine Associates, payment must be arranged with that veterinarian’s office.

How do I get paperwork for a show or travel?

We strongly recommend monitoring your coggins date to make sure it is current for all shows, events or travel.  Please let the office know as soon as there is a conflict so that you can schedule an appointment.  Coggins test results are available 4 business days after arriving at the lab.  A last-minute coggins can be drawn (schedule permitting) with results available in 2 business days for an extra fee.  Regular health certificates are valid for 30 days from the date of a veterinarian exam.  6-month health certificates are available, and owners are responsible for monitoring temperatures and travel plans.  Your health program alone does not fulfill a veterinarian exam required for the health certificate paperwork.  Proof of vaccination is available via email.  Please note that corrections for incorrect coggins information can be submitted within 30 days and only for horse information.  If any other information needs to be corrected or it has been longer than 30 days since the sample was drawn, a new sample will need to be submitted.